There is no denying the fact that women’s safety in India is extremely compromised matter. No matter what’s your age you are not safe in India. Every day we come across news of rapes, molestations or any other kind of abuses against women. If you look at the statistics, every minute in India a woman faces some kind of harassment. But don’t worry, in India we always have a solution. You must have relatives, friends or just anyone who will be ready with their unsolicited advices for you. In India we will happily confine our women rather than controlling or teaching our sons to respect them. It can be exasperating to hear same irrelevant advices time and again. But hey, it is for your ‘SAFETY’ after all. Here are some of the most common advices given to a woman to stay ‘SAFE’ in India –

Do not stay out at night after 10 –

This is the most commonly given advice by the Indian parents or relatives. They think this ‘acceptable time ‘curfew will keep their daughters safe.  But the malpractices which happen are unforeseen. So, how can coming early help

Do not wear short dresses –

This is the most cliché advice rendered to any women. They think revealing dresses as it will gain unwanted attention and will lead to some kind of sexual violence. Seriously!!!!  That’s not true…there are so many cases which reveal that even women wearing full length clothes were raped. So what attracted those vultures then??? Whether you stay safe or not cannot be measured from the length of your dress.

IGNORE lewd comments

–Ignore, don’t reply, move away…… these are the most common advice a woman hears when she complains about miscreants passing obscene comments on her. But that’s not the solution; rather you must complain against them.

If you are late, make sure a boy accompanies you-

I don’t know why they feel a woman is safe when she is with her male friend. We have seen brutal cases when a boy could not do anything. Rather than given such advice, they should teach their daughters to protect themselves.

Technological Solution to Women’s safety in India

We are sure you must have heard these advices once in your life. But these are not the solutions of the most rapidly growing crime against woman in India. We think women need to empower themselves. Parents teach their son to respect women instead of giving such irrelevant advice. Still, women should be ready for any unforeseen situation. Therefore, when it comes to personal safety, it is advised to be prepared on your own rather than depending on others. With technology advancement there are several devices which can help you. Well, we understand the problem and have come up with a solution ‘MyBuddy’- a women safety device with which you are never alone. MyBuddy makes it simple, fast and convenient to communicate an emergency to your loved ones, getting them to act in time. The device is designed for all the women out there who want to enjoy without any interruption.  But it is always advised to stay alert; you cannot predict the future but you can always be ready for it.


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Legal Disclaimer: The device should be connected to the Smartphone via Bluetooth connection to activate the features. All the features of My Buddy Device are subjected to proper installation, first-time set-up and active mobile network & internet connectivity. Company cannot be held liable for the non-functioning of the device. Customers are advised to use the device at their own risk and discretion. "Requirements : (i) Bluetooth connectivity with Smartphone; (ii) Optisafe Mobile Application". Functionality may vary between Android (TM) and/or IOS (TM). (iii) GPS enable is mandatory and Data connection is mandatory