There is no denying the fact that technology has changed our lives enormously and became an inevitable part. It has opened many avenues in the life of people to transform the way they function. Our dependency on technology is such that we cannot even imagine a day without it. With the advancement of technology there are many safety devices available in the market which ensures our safety, giving us more freedom to live freely.

As we know, senior citizens are the most vulnerable part of the society when it comes to safety. They are the easiest targets for anti-social elements like burglars, thieves’ et al. Robbery and honor killing are the most common crimes committed against senior citizens. If we look at the statistics, round 20,532 cases are registered every year! We all are aware of the fact that senior citizens need full- time attention and caring, which is impossible to provide these days. Hence, the necessity of safety devices among elderly has increased. We have researched and enlisted top 5 safety devices available in the market to make their lives safer and easier.

Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam is a portable camera that helps your loved ones to know about you. It is connected to a smart phone which can be put anywhere in the house. This device sends an alert message whenever it detects movements. One can see footage and confirm whether things are okay or not. One can also video chat through this device using speakerphone. The device is also equipped with night vision camera and SD card slot. It helps you to store videos even in the absence of light.

Panic Button

Senior citizens are prone to medical emergency. Under any medical emergency, they need a device which can be easily accessed, one such device available in the market is Juvo Wall Mounted Emergency Panic Alarm. The device is attached with 3 foot chord which gets activated when pulled. It rings 120 dB siren and flashes LED light. The siren will help to grab attention and help at the earliest.

Optisafe Mybuddy

OptiSafe MyBuddy is considered to be the best Safety device available in the market. This safety pen-like device can be easily attached to your handbag or neck and once pulled in a stressful scenario. It will instantly release a siren and send an SOS message and live location to the pre-defined contacts. Since it also features a live location tracker, you can never be falling prey to the harmful elements of society. MyBuddy connects over Bluetooth with Smartphone (IOS & Android) and uses the power of smartphone to drive location , audio/video recording and SOS communication to three predefined numbers. User needs to download OptiSafe Mobile app is available for Android and iOS .

SOS Phone

Elite introduces SOS phones for the senior citizens. Like a normal phone, it has all basic features along with SOS settings. It helps you to stay in touch with elderly 24×7. The device helps to send SMS and call predefined SOS contacts. It has a clear and loud sound for comfortable conversations and has hearing aid compatibility.

There is range of safety devices available in the market at various prices. You need to analyze which one suits your situation and budget and choose accordingly.


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Legal Disclaimer: The device should be connected to the Smartphone via Bluetooth connection to activate the features. All the features of My Buddy Device are subjected to proper installation, first-time set-up and active mobile network & internet connectivity. Company cannot be held liable for the non-functioning of the device. Customers are advised to use the device at their own risk and discretion. "Requirements : (i) Bluetooth connectivity with Smartphone; (ii) Optisafe Mobile Application". Functionality may vary between Android (TM) and/or IOS (TM). (iii) GPS enable is mandatory and Data connection is mandatory