Tips to stay safe while walking alone are become very useful in today’s scenario where walking alone on a roadside can be extremely unsafe, especially during the night and afternoon when the road is barely populated. Whether you are a man or woman, crime knows no boundary, having said that we all understand that under such situation, women safety can be at a high risk.

Do Not Take/ Accept Lift from Anyone

Do not take lift from anyone unknown even though they look harmless. You never know what is dwelling in their mind. Even if someone is your acquaintance try to avoid taking lift from them as well, there are many cases in which someone known has abducted woman or man by offering lift. Hence, avoid taking lifts and stay safe. 

Don’t Wear Headphones or Earphones

While walking on road does not listen to music, it distracts you and keeps you unaware of your surrounding that is not good for your safety. You need to be vigilant always! Not only it will help you to stay safe from abduction, robbery or molestation but it will also keep you safe from bumping into a vehicle. 

Keep Your Keys Handy

Your keys can act as your weapon when in need by stabbing or attacking in the face or eyes of the miscreant. Hence, keep it handy always. 

Walk With Confidence

Remember it always whenever you walk alone, walk with confidence. Even if you confused don’t try to bring it on your face and avoid asking from random person, look for a restaurant or a shop and ask them for directions.

Use Well- Lit & Busy Streets

Try to avoid secluded areas as much as possible to reach your destination. A well-lit and busy road tends to be less unsafe. Miscreants try to take advantage of dark and less crowded places to fulfill their inhuman desires. 

Use of Woman Safety Devices

Whenever you step out of the house, even if you are moving nearby then too carry a safety device with you always. Be it a pepper spray, any SOS device like My buddy but carry if along. It will help you to communicate any danger situation to your loved ones in no time!

I hope you follow these steps to keep yourself safe. You cannot change anyone’s mindset but can take measures to protect yourself.


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